Understanding and Applying Standards

Understanding and Applying Standards

Having set of standards to guide direction of teaching process seems very important.

Once school choose or creates that approach it brings some unity to teaching process of the school as it is important that teachers or not separated in their own world of teaching. Existence of common goals for school in general is important to insure that teachers are on the same page and have common ground for collaborations; and that students transfer between the classes or moving forward in grades happens smoothly and with logic of continuation and progress.

Unpacking a Standards means understanding standards, interpreting them, and translating them to them to the teaching practice language.

Learning about “ Big Ideas “ of standards is helpful to teachers for seeing a big picture of educational goals fro where one can break down that goal to particular steps and farther to particular learning objectives.

It is sometimes heard for the teacher to go through that process. But hopefully one can use collaborative approach and help of senior teachers in a school as well as previous experience of using those standards in that or other educational environment.

Using Backwards Mapping is very logical and seems necessary in order to make more particular progress in personality building and not just going through the list of necessary knowledge.

It does not seem like a breakthrough idea but may in teaching it was not considered enough due to pretty conservative nature of education in general.

To have a goal in mind is important not just for a teacher but also for a student. Setting milestones is the only way to make through the big journey.

Understanding why particular information, knowledge and skills are included in lesson gives a bigger meaning and helps to create lessons with richer agenda.

To know where you heading is also important for farther assessment of progress in relation to that particular goal. It can help to figure out what steps can be added or modified for the class or for individual student to reach that goal or to be on the right truck to it.

Thinking about objectives with help of “SMART” approach was really helpful.

Making your objective Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based helps with farther evaluation. That guides also helps to set important frame for nature of your objectives making them realistic achievable and logical for age – subject – ….

I think the chart of smart objectives is something is good to have a front of you once working on planning as a reminder.


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